The Firm

At HWMA, a premier law firm established in 2005, we strive to cultivate enduring and mutually beneficial relationships with our diverse clientele, encompassing public and private companies, banks, financial institutions, and individuals both locally and globally. Our commitment to excellence and integrity has propelled us to become one of the fastest-growing law firms in Indonesia.

Our highly experienced founders, all professional lawyers with over two decades of legal practice, bring a unique blend of talent and creativity to their field. Our lawyers offer unparalleled advice to leading enterprises across a wide range of industries, including banking, mining and minerals, energy, property, communications and technology, and consumer goods and services, covering a vast array of legal matters such as commercial transactions, joint ventures, project financing, restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, initial public offering, liquidation, employment, dispute resolution, and other corporate activities in Indonesia's dynamic market.

At HWMA, we are well-equipped to promptly respond to new regulations, structure complex business dealings, and adapt to the ever-changing legal, economic, and political environments both in Indonesia and globally. Our clients entrust us to provide legal support in accessing the Indonesian marketplace and overcoming any legal challenges to their business success.

Our philosophy is cantered around delivering tailored solutions to the legal challenges that companies and individuals encounter in realizing their business goals. Our team of seasoned professionals bring depth, diversity, and expertise to every aspect of the law, constantly seeking creative solutions to our clients' legal problems. At HWMA, we ensure that all our services are rendered to the highest standards in the legal industry, with a steadfast commitment to delivering results that help our clients succeed in Indonesia.